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Applying the science of wine preservation to the art of good business


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Innovative wine serving systems providing great solutions both in quality and ease of use



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Uncorkd's digital wine menus deliver an innovative and user-friendly way to display your wine list

using the latest technology producing an interactive experience that makes selecting a wine easy

while increasing your wine sales by at least 20%.

Unparaellelled Private Label Wine Programs


International Wine Associates

Exceptional wine solution products for restaurants




Humm delivers unprecedented on-premise customer feedback and analysis



A whole new kind of POS for your restaurant - A whole new kind of company to deliver it




WineKeeper's line of dispensing and preservation systems have become the industry standard. WineKeeper's

units consist of handcrafted, custom quality cabinetry and employ proven preservation technology


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Vinotemp International delivers complete wine storage solutions



Visual Impact's advanced technologies and processing gives them complete capabilities to turn

virtually any big idea into grand results - on target, on budget and on time





Impact Enterprises delivers award winning iPad and menu covers